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Executive Jets is quickly becoming one of the largest private aviation firms in the country. We are dedicated to our clients 24 hours 7 days a week to ensure they're receiving the highest standards of service and to set us apart from others within the industry. Executive Jets provides the safest and most cost effective aircraft without jeopardizing the integrity of our product. We have access to well over 20,000 aircraft worldwide. Each aircraft and the operators we source from go through our "Safe-Guard" quality control program which allows us to log, rate, and monitor to ensure our clients are using only the best planes at all times. Executive Jets is focused on appreciating our clients individuality and providing them with unique travel solutions to best fit their specific needs.

Our in house Safety & Compliance Team are dedicated to properly vetting each vendor we work with. The vetting process includes due diligence on the operators, maintenance teams, aircraft, pilots and crew. Using our proprietary Safe-Guard System, our team will run all the necessary background checks to ensure proper documentation is on file including licenses, insurance, certifications, maintenance logs, refurbishment details and more. If at anytime a vendor does not have the proper documentation on file with us, or has been involved in a jeopardizing situation, they will be added to either our Grey or Blacklist. Our Grey List is temporary and allows approved vendors an opportunity to update their information or solve a minor issue. Once these circumstances are cleared our Compliance Team will then approve the use of these vendors. However, our Blacklist is for banned vendors who have a history of jeopardizing situations, accidents, financial troubles, poor operations or unethical practices.

Executive Jets provides our clients with all of the necessary information needed before each flight to confirm that all safety requirements have been met. Clients can request both Pilot in Command and Second in Commands total flight hours, safety reports from the two largest risk managements firms in the industry; ARG/US TripCheq and Wyvern Pass Report, aircraft history and insurance documentation. Subject to the size of the aircraft, clients can be additionally insured from a value of $50 million up to $500 million.

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