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Executive jets manages an extensive network of partners around the globe. We work diligently with the finest venues hospitality has to offer and extend this exclusive access to these must-stay hotels to our Elite Member.

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Companies that fly private over commercial save hundreds of hours in travel overhead time; allowing high level execs to maximize their shareholder value by reaching more meetings, on time anywhere in the world. With executive Jets, Private aviation is invaluable to meet your schedule commitments and travel destinations not served by commercial aviation.Our private aircraft get you almost anywhere in the world safely and as fast as possible, with no frustrating wait times in line, airport hang-ups, long walk, lost luggage, airport parking hassles, layovers or inefficient routes. Fly at times, and under conditions, that commercial airlines would never permit. Whether you are a CEO, high level management team, professional athlete, high profile celebrity or family, private aviation offers the maximum in efficiency, privacy, comfort, and convenience.

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