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Private Aviation has become almost a necessity for business owners who need to save time and increase efficiency while traveling. Whether you need access to work on the plane, have a meeting at 30,000 feet, make phone calls or send emails, or just ensure you get to your business meetings and final location on time, Executive Jets can make it happen. We work with some of the largest Fortune 500 Companies and High Net Worth individuals who have such a demanding schedule, the only solution is chartering an aircraft through us.

In the past decade the phrase, "time is money" has become more and more relevant. With the increase in travel, crowded airports and commercial airline delays and cancellations, we have experienced more individuals seeking the help of private aviation in order to solve their travel dilemmas. Companies and their executive teams have been able to maximize their productivity while traveling and avoid the long commercial process, allowing them to increase output, raise shareholder confidence, build more relationships, positively micromanage different job sights in less time which ultimately leads to an overall increase in profit for the company.


We don't need to explain the advantages of chartering an aircraft versus flying commercially, but it is important to understand that as a business owner, executive or HNWI the opportunity to monetize your travel and avoid costly downtime is available. We offer a list of unique services and programs that can help alleviate the stress of traveling commercially. We have programs for individuals who are making the switch from commercial to private and need the freedom to try new things, as well as a program for the seasoned veteran who charters multiple times a month. We also specialize in tailored agreements for businesses that have very specific needs or rotations that need to be performed. Whatever your circumstances are, Executive Jets can help you achieve the most comprehensive and beneficial travel plan and budget yet ! Please contact our Business Development office today and speak to one of our experts who can help you build the most suitable program.

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