One Way & Empty Leg Availability

Did you know that almost 32 percent of private aircraft in the sky are flying empty?

Unlike most providers, Executive Jets is always looking to save our clients money without jeopardizing the safety or integrity of our product. On a daily basis, there are hundreds sometimes thousands of aircraft that are re-positioning with no passengers on board, these are considered "Empty Legs". By creating unique portfolios on each one of our clients, we are able to keep an eye out for specific routes and inform these clients of the opportunity to travel for 50-80% less than normal. In addition, these flights are a great way to test out specific aircraft and services for those who are transitioning into private charter.

Executive Jets also works with a long list of reputable "Transient Operators". These operators have aircraft with no specific home base. This allows us to provide our clients with true one-way pricing without charging round trip pricing. Between the empty legs and our transient one way operators, Executive Jets is able to provide a type of service that is unmatched within the private aviation community.

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