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We are known for and dedicated to delivering the highest safety standards within the industry. Our clients well-being is our number one mission and we take as many steps possible to ensure their safe keeping. Our Safety & Compliance team oversees our strict safety guidelines both internally and externally using the AR/GUS and Wyvern safety and risk management firms. Utilizing these highly advanced quality control systems and the superior algorithms we’ve put in place, Executive Jets has gained notoriety for delivering the highest safety standards possible. Our internal Compliance Team is constantly updating our proprietary 'Safe-Guard' system to ensure all of our preferred operators have the necessary documents on file with us. Before we source an aircraft from any operator, they must pass our quality control checklist which includes providing updated insurance documents. aircraft maintenance logs, full specifications on all aircraft, background checks on all pilots and crew, TripCheqs on all pilots to show experience with specific aircraft and total amount of flying hours. As a preferred ARG/US and Wyvern procurement agency we are authorized to do in depth audits on all of our vendors to ensure the data provided is accurate and truly up to date. We work closely with all of the major aviation departments including the FAA, ISBAO, and NTSB to analyze the market and make strides to provide the safest solutions to the private aviation community. Before each flight, Executive Jets goes through an in depth checklist to double check our safety system. This includes; confirming documents and background checks with our Compliance Team, adding our clients to the aircraft insurance certificate, analyzing weather reports, receiving the inspection and maintenance log from the operator and taking feedback from our clients. This allows us to confidently give the go ahead for the flight.

The Wall Street Journal said it best;

“To ensure the plane and crew you’re getting are up to snuff, ask for an Argus TripCHEQ or Wyvern PASS report, offered by the two largest private jet safety firms — Argus International Inc. and Wyvern Consulting Ltd. — which audit charter companies and conduct background checks on crew members, making sure pilots have the requisite number of flying hours for the specific type of aircraft. Either your jet sourcing company or the private jet company itself (if you’re booking directly) should be able to provide this.” – WSJ

Executive Jets safety protocol includes:

  1. Expert Guidance
  2. Supported by Facts
  3. Established Standards
  4. Pilot Qualifications
  5. Constant Oversight
  6. Flight Review
  7. Flight Following & Crew Report

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