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Advanced Aero Program

This program is specifically designed for our busiest clientele, who do not have the time needed to complete the normal process for booking a private jet charter flight. The program provides our customers with flexibility, availability and security, all at the touch of a button. The Advanced Aero Program alleviates all the stress and anxiety involved in booking a private jet by reducing the hassles and time needed. It also minimizes the risk of the desired aircraft becoming unavailable before booking is completed, due to delays in the procedure. The Program is uncomplicated ~ we offer three of our most cost-effective options to choose from, and the client authorizes Executive Jets to put only a soft hold on your credit card, allowing the client the alternative to either utilize the credit card, or wire funds the next day. Consent can be given by email, text or by simply clicking on our online app, and it provides Executive Jets with full authorization to safely and quickly procure the preferred aircraft for your private charter destination. The Advanced Aero Program is Federally insured by the SIPC and the FDIC for our client’s protection. We understand how valuable your time is, and we’ve taken every measure to fulfill your every need at your discretion.

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Executive Jets Loyalty Program

Our loyalty trust program is by far, in our opinion, the simplest and easiest way to procure an aircraft. This program does anything and everything that an ATM trust card or preferred checking account could do. 100k dollars in an Executive Jets trust Account gives you the ability to consent to your preferred aircraft option. With each consent the amount of the charter flight will be deducted from your account. After every 100k spent you will receive either a 10% discounted rate on your next flight, cash back or 1,000.00 dollars off your next three flights. Whichever form of cash back you prefer, we will tailor to your needs.

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Executive Jet Card

The Executive Jet Card will offer the most cost effective and simplistic hourly programs in the industry. This prefered program brings you the best price points, that include absolutely everything from Fuel costs, Repositioning, Overnights, Management fees, Landing fees, FET,Taxiing, never expire and are completely transferable.This program is designed for private jet flyers that fly anywhere from 25-250 hours quarterly or in a fiscal year, and who are looking to save the most on their preferred aircraft. You are simply billed for time in the sky on a point-to-point basis with no segment fees, blackout dates or dead heads. Unlike other Jet companies, we at Executive Jets truly offer a fully-inclusive Jet Card program that you trust and most importantly looks out for your best interest.

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