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4 Reasons Executive Jets Business Model is Above the Competition


Our in house Safety & Compliance Team are dedicated to properly vetting each vendor we work with. The vetting process includes due diligence on the operators, maintenance teams, aircraft, pilots and crew. Using our proprietary Safe-Guard System, our team will run all the necessary background checks to ensure proper documentation is on file including licenses, insurance, certifications, maintenance logs, refurbishment details and more. If at anytime a vendor does not have the proper documentation on file with us, or has been involved in a jeopardizing situation, they will be added to either our Grey or Blacklist. Our Grey List is temporary and allows approved vendors an opportunity to update their information or solve a minor issue. Once these circumstances are cleared our Compliance Team will then approve the use of these vendors. However, our Blacklist is for banned vendors who have a history of jeopardizing situations, accidents, financial troubles, poor operations or unethical practices.


  • Executive Jets fully inclusive rates are 10-40% more cost effective than competition
  • You get a choice of (3+) aircraft and a transparent pricing structure
  • We bill for flying time only, point to point pricing; no taxi time or ferry fees
  • You get a choice of how you want to fly; on-demand, hourly rates; program pricing


  • Executive Jets is available to you 24/7 guaranteed
  • We appreciate our clients individuality and provide solutions based on their unique circumstances
  • Flight following; you receive time stamped messages or emails throughout your travel
  • Full transparency; no hidden fees, terms or conditions, actual aircraft photos


Executive Jets appreciated and rewards our frequent flyers and program members. At any given time we will provide an upgraded aircraft at no cost to our clients. In addition, we provide rebates at specific levels of spend that can go toward future trips, misc services or simply back into your pocket.

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